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With the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic and ever changing regulation, our work is more important than ever to help older adults live the healthiest life possible. Boulder County older adults are facing unprecedented rates of mental health challenges and health disparities amplified due to social isolation. Circle of Care has worked for over 18 years to address this gap in social support and provide free volunteer assisted para transportation, companions and free programming and activities for older persons and provide free access to cultural events to maintain and enhance mental, physical and emotional well-being and health. Dedicated to the full  inclusion of vulnerable older adults and seniors with disabilities working with communities that lack access to free transportation, companions and accessibility to community resources to maximize healthy aging and successful Aging in Place we build a safety net of support and intergenerational  fellowship,  equity, diversity and inclusion for people who have been subject to structural inequities while closely following all Boulder County Public Health,  CDC, CDPHE Guidelines.

Guidelines for Residential Care Facilities

Letters of Support from Boulder County Public Health and other.

Ms. Joan Raderman/Circle of Care

Thank you for reaching out to Boulder County Public Health.

Even though your program serves the elderly,  the program is considered a business.  After our conversation it appears you are taking every step to protect your participants.  Boulder County Public Health strongly encourages masking indoors regardless of vaccination status.  As of today there is no masking mandate. 

Thank you,

Stacy Farman, RN, BSN, CIC | Lead LTCF Epidemiologist  II
Communicable Disease and Emergency Management Division
Boulder County Public Health | 3450 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80304
303-413-7570 (Office) 303-413-7526 (Fax)


To: Joan Raderman/Circle of Care

I received your voice message and I’m sorry I can’t send the email that you requested.  However, I have attached the pages from the CDPHE Residential Care Facilities Mitigation Guidance.  These are the protocols that Golden West follows.  The guidance does allow for group activities and activities out of the community and references transportation.  You may be able to use this guidance to show any critics that the CDPHE does not ban such outings as the trip to a concert and that your infection control procedures adhere to the guidance.

I hope this helps.

Donna Ruske
Chief Administrative Officer
303-939-0880 Direct
1055 Adams Circle
Boulder, CO 80303