What We Do: Prevent isolation, helplessness and loneliness for seniors by providing accessibility to the arts, education and our community.

Circle of Care is an Elder Enrichment Program serving Boulder County Senior Citizens. We are a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing accessibility to the arts, education and social/civic opportunities for the homebound elder, senior facility residents and older adults with physical, cognitive and financial challenges.

“There are thousands of older adults all over the country, in your town and mine, who struggle with social isolation from the very communities to which they devoted their lives. They contributed to our society, raising their children, working, providing for their families, building our towns and cities, and giving their time to create and develop what we benefit from today. Numerous losses – whether it be family, friends, health or finances – cause them to slowly withdraw from the world, and the world can at times forget about them. We have a responsibility to them, our mothers, fathers, teachers and mentors, and to ourselves, to create a new culture for aging: an inclusive, caring community for all of us at every stage of our lives. Circle of Care: for them today, for you tomorrow”
-Joan Raderman, Founder

Our Programs:

leaf Arts For Elders: Circle of Care provides complimentary transportation, companions and tickets to the finest cultural events in our community. This includes the Colorado Music Festival, The Colorado Shakespeare Festival, The Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra, CU Concerts, Theater and Opera and many more. We access over $650,000 of in-kind ticket donations per year and pass this high caliber of cultural enrichment on to Boulder County Senior Citizens. We provide companions and transportation to all events at no cost. We impact over 500 senior citizens each a month. We partner with over 20 nonprofit cultural, educational and transportation organizations and serve numerous county social service and aging service organizations.

If you are a senior interested in joining us, or if you know a senior who would enjoy our outings, please register with us. You can download our membership form below.

Registration Form Please save this form to your computer. (You may need to right-click on the link.)

leaf Senior Audit Partners: Circle of Care is committed to making lifelong learning accessible to all older adults who desire to attend an intergenerational academic experience. We provide volunteer assistance to all senior citizens who would like to attend the CU Senior Audit Program but who might lack the funds or need assistance with transportation and a companion.

Interested in registering for the Fall Semester at CU-Boulder? Circle of Care will assist you with registration and provide support for attending class. Call 303-449-8884 or come by our office at 1202 Folsom.

Senior Auditor Website
2006-07 Catalog
Class Schedule Planner
Circle of Care Flyer

leaf The Legacy Project. Learn and Serve, an Intergenerational Exchange: Circle of Care’s office is located on the CU Campus at 1202 Folsom. We are excited to be developing intergenerational opportunities with CU students as well as elementary and high school students and teachers. Our Legacy Project encourages the preservation of our elders stories through oral, written and video biographies. Mentorship opportunities are encouraged. We are also working with Naropa University on intergenerational work projects.

Joan Raderman, Founder and Director