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The Mug Hug Project was born after I asked staff at a subsidized senior assisted living community how we can help and what they need. I was surprised by the response but it sparked an idea.

They shared with staff member that they really wished they could drink out of a real mug instead of Styrofoam at tea time. Thus I came up with the Mug Hug Project-  I reached out to the Boulder Pottery Guild to ask if they might donate handmade mugs and they did.  25 potters donated mugs and we distributed the first donation a week ago. Here are some of the pics of seniors when they got their mugs-I was so moved by how this small gesture could so uplifted their spirits.

Folks can get involved and volunteer to cheer up elders by donating either handmade pottery mugs or store bought  with inspiring or humorous sayings.

Contact Circle of Care Joan Raderman to arrange drop off or pick up for 8 or more mugs- at   – 303-358-4300

Here are some photos of happy seniors who received a Mug Hug –

High School Student Give 25 Mugs too!!!!  I am also including a picture of Patrick W A senior high school student who raised the funds to purchase 25 beautiful mugs for seniors. Way to go Patrick!  File too big I will send in another email. Thanks.

When you can’t give an elder an in person  HUG you can always give a MUG HUG!